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John Czekalski

John Czekalski


Hi, my name is John. Originally from Bristol in the UK I grew up in a bilingual family and I’ve lived and studied in various countries including England (Durham University), Spain (Universidad de Alicante) and Poland (Jagiellonian University in Krakow). I’ve been working as an English teacher for around 4 years and I’ve mostly taught individual classes, general/exam groups and company classes at higher levels (B1-C2 / FCE / CAE).


People often say that learning a foreign language is difficult. What they usually neglect to mention is that it can also be a fun, exciting and immensely satisfying activity. I believe that the main goal is communication and so I try to focus on student participation and involvement in my classes. In my spare time I enjoy reading and travelling and I’m a huge music and film buff. I am currently also struggling to improve my Spanish, French and Chinese in order to better understand the woes of my students.
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